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Alissa is here! It has been great to see her and I had to give her a hug. Couldn’t help myself even though I shouldn’t get hugs. We’ve just been hanging out in the hospital and it’s been great catching up.

Eventually I was able to leave the hospital. Having Alissa’s energy there was great! It kept me awake most of the time. Got to see Yolanda again too. My favorite cleaning lady. Always so full of life. I could hang out with her everyday. Even though we didn’t start chemo until 2 hours after I got there it was still good over all. I’ll be happy to have  day of rest before chemo again.

Later that night I got some much needed protein and such from Bingo Burger even though it was kind of a pain, and I put myself in danger a bit by going into public. We watched Alive and Kicking later that night which is a swing dancing documentary and I really enjoyed it. The Bingo Burger ended up giving me indigestion through the night though.

After we said our good nights I had one hell of a time pooping. The squatty potty didn’t seem to be working. Not to mention the chemo has been known to cause bowel issues. So eventually after 15 minutes of trying and being uncomfortable I ended up climbing onto the toilet with the lid and and balancing myself with the window and a stool so I could poop successfully.

The indigestion did wake me up later in the night and was annoying.

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