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3rd day of chemo. Karen came and brought me lunch today. It was nice to visit with her as I never really had before. She also brought me some gifts. An adult coloring book and some colored pencils as well as a hat. Apparently Karen did a lot of theater before so we bonded over that and I tried to do a triple time step and that was SUPER hard. My legs felt like they bricks behind the knees.

The first anti-nausea drug started to give me heartburn which never happened before but they took care of it.

Karen dropped me off and dropped off more of the food she made for lunch with me too. Sarah then picked me up and we went to the bank, dropped my computer off to get the wi-fi fixed (which will be a couple days, and picked up a new game for my switch.

After I came home I ended up walking around more than usual that evening only because it felt so weird.

I got a chemo care package from Jenny today which was so thoughtful. I’m thankful that I’ve been reacting so well to the chemo and not had many side effects as I can’t imagine what other people might be going through with pain and nausea.

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